Apologies for the volume in advance, but I felt it was more important to start the screen captures early enough in the sequence to avoid any "But he already hit it" type comments. So there are 60 snapshots plus 2 zoom-ins. All captures taken from here. If you haven't seen this angle yet, watch the video first. If for some reason you can't view that video, try the one I put on youtube. I took the essential portion of that video and cut it down to just the few seconds around "the call that never happened." That can be found here on youtube. That is the video I used for the captures.

The first 10 are leading up to the point where Gregory Campbell's and Eric Gelinas' sticks are approaching the puck. You can click on any of the thumbnails to get a larger view.

The next 5 Gelinas' stick is clearly between Campbell's and the puck.

The next series, while some are a little blurry, at no point does it appear that Campbell's stick went around or over Gelinas'.

For the next set, either Campbell's or Gelinas' stick or the puck is behind Kevin Connauton. Campbell's at least, never in position to hit the puck, almost completely stationary.

The puck comes out from behind Connauton but so far no stick has touched it. Campbell's stick can be seen in front of the puck.

Time to go pretty much frame by frame. At this point there is no contact with the puck by either player yet. Note the direction Campbell's stick is pointing, pretty much parallel to the boards. Gelinas begins his wind-up. Finally, note the linesman in the upper left, with 2 players between him and the puck.

At this point, the puck is hidden by Gelinas' leg. Campbell's stick is still pretty much parallel with the boards, and in the last shot, the puck ishidden behind his stick. At this point, Gelinas' stick is behind the puck and already moving toward the corner.

Let's zoom in a little bit to convince ourselves Campbell's stick is in front of the puck. We can see the outline of the stick blocking the view of part of the puck.

Here, both the puck and Campbell's stick move a little bit downward. All this time, Campbell's stick has been moving towards the boards with the puck behind it. Pay close attention to Campbell's stick relative to the "r" in Party City. It is not moving forward towards the corner.

The next two shots, the puck continues towards the boards, still behind Campbell's stick. Gelinas' his follow through has already begun. Campbell's stick in nearly the exact same position relative to the boards. Gelinas' stick has moved forwardsignificantly.

Once again, let's zoom in to verify the puck is still behind Campbell's stick, relative to the corner it will shortly be heading toward.

Next frame, the puck is now magically in front of Campbell's stick. Campbell's stick has been in front of the puck up until now, and except for the last couple frames, not at an angle to hit the puck forward toward the corner.

Puck continues on in front of and beyondCampbell's stick, already on its way to the corner. Campbell's stick is now chasing the puck.

Swing and a miss as the puck continues toward the corner, now above Campbell's stick. Gelinas' follow through continues. In the last 3 shots in this group, the puck is at least partially obscured by Gelinas' stick, Campbell's is stillbelow the puck.

Puck now well on its way toward the corner now. Not once was it obvious Campbell's stick was in a position to hit the puck, nor follow through well enough to propel the puck forward with any speed.

Conclusion: Campbell couldn't have been the one to play the puck toward the corner.